What're you upto?  Poems by Writer Sean ryder

"Shitty Limerick"


It’s a shame that I have no wit,

and I don’t know how words should fit.

They should be great,

but I’m starting to hate,

how my limericks all sound like shit.




dirt road

sunny day

hello, dusty condom!

worn memory

of past pleasure




"thinking thoughts"


thinking thoughts?

i think not;

not of knots and not

of rope that's taut

of hope that's sought

and bought; what rot,

this knot of not,

fraught with naught.

i caught a thought

and wrought that thought

(a gordian knot)

to what i ought

and yet cannot.

and then, distraught,

I brought the knot,

my clot of thought,

to what i've got.

a lot of rot


and found a lot

of naught.




this poem begins self-referential,

and so to you it is inconsequential.

but if you make it through,

you'll find that it's true -

another poem would have been preferential





i dream of hairy women

taking off their clothes

Hairy arms extended

as shirts lift over heads


Hairy armpits visible

on chests are hairy breasts.

belly buttons over-thatched,

yet faces are smooth and clear -

of eyebrows they have none.


all as one they turn about

hairy backs tilt forward now

and hairy shoulders flex;

pants slide down hairy hips

past hairy knee and calf

and hairy feet appear


each woman's hair is different

(tangled) (coarse) (soft) (well-kempt);

some with short tough bristles

some with long silken strands

and some patchy, mangy, clumpy

they're turning all about and i can

see their hairy fronts again


the hairy curves of their hairy breasts

with knots of hairy nipples

hairy necks all shimmering

hairy pelvises as well, and tufts

all about their hairy vaginas,

cascading down in hairy waves


these women now begin to smile

and i see hair in their teeth,

with hairy tongues rasping

over hairless lips in thirst

clogging their throats and lungs


these are not hairy women,

these women who are hairy

they are instead hair-that-is-women

or women made of hair.


i dream of hairy women

and then i'm waking up;

i dream of hairy women.



Sean Ryder is a writer based in Winchendon, MA

Sean Ryder is a writer based in Winchendon, MA

You can find more of Sean's writing at: